Bachelor in computer science in the US

Bachelor in computer science in the US

  • Bachelor in computer science in the US

    Bachelor in computer science in the US

    • 29-11-2022
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    Bachelor in computer science is  a four year undergraduate course in the US. Bachelor in Computer Science is one of the most popular courses among Indian students in US. The reasons are US has a number of top universities for the course. The scope for computer science is increasing. As computer science is a stem course it allows F1 visa holders to extend their stay. They have a flexible education system where they can choose their major at a later stage. They have a excellent international student office to help students.

    Top universities in USA offer various specialisations and degree titles for Computer Science like Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Science. Some of the most common subjects covered by a Bachelor of Computer Science are as follows:

    ·       Communication Systems

    ·       Computer Architecture

    ·       Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

    ·       Communication Systems

    ·       Systems and Networking

    ·       Programming Methodology

    ·       Human Computer Interaction

    ·       Computational Fabrication and Manufacturing

    ·       Education Technology

    ·       Network Security and Cryptography

    ·       Quantum Computing , communication and sensing

    ·       Vision and Graphics

    ·       Numerical Analysis

    ·       Theory of computing etc.

    Career Options: Bachelor’s degree holders can pursue careers as data architects, database administrators, software developers, data scientists, security analysts and many more. Top companies like Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, Uber Google etc. hire students.

    The second option for students after bachelor’s degree is to do their masters and then pursue their career paths. Some students purse PHD after master’s degree.

    Admission Requirements for Bachelors  Degree:

    Official Transcripts

    SAT/ ACT

    SAT Subject test

    English Language Proficiency test

    2-3 LOR’s

    Essay Questions or Statement of Purpose

    The Top universities for Computer science are:


    Stanford University

    Columbia University

    University of Washington

    Cornel University


    Princeton University

    University of California, Berkeley

    Harvard University

    Georgia Tech


    Yale University

    University of Texas Austin

    University of Pennsylvania

    University of Illinoi, Urbana Champaign 

    The University of Chicago

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    University of Southern California

    Fees: The fee that a student has to consider are tuition fee, accommodation, food, transportation which depends on university and location of the university. The average fee is 15 lakhs- 45 lakhs per annum depending on the university.

    Some scholarship options are:

    MIT Scholarship

    TEC Scholarship

    Bershadsky Family Scholarship

    OPEC Fund Scholarship

    NYIT Scholarship

    Self-score International Student Scholarship

    Cornell Scholarship

    Global Student Scholarship

    University Merit Scholarship

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